Monday, October 29, 2012

Storm Preparations

As some of you know, and some might have guessed, we are well inland, but still in the path of Hurricane Sandy.

I think our biggest risks here are winds that are likely to be in the 35-40 mph range this evening, and power outage. Our power here has been quite stable in previous storms, but if it does go, it's going to be out for a while, just because the repair crews will be so overwhelmed.

It's just raining a bit right now, but I think we should be getting the worst of it here between 3 - 11 pm.

I may make one more run to the grocery for more milk (as long as we have power, and can make coffee, I want milk! Then, as long as we can keep it cool, we want it for cereal.), ice if it can be found, and there was one more thing . . . oh! charcoal - we have some burgers in the freezer, so if we're out of power for a few days after the weather has cleared, we should probably grill them up. Again - if it can be found.

I also need to find a cable that's required to connect our phones to the car charger that I bought. One I locate one of the boxes that the phones came in, I should be set to charge both phones and iPad from the cars.

Eveything's secured outside. I'd prefer to have my car in the garage and take our chances with the truck, but we had a big pile of brush and limbs at the curb (from cutting those trees back) so we loaded it into the truck bed, and pulled it into the garage.

So, the cars are in the grass beside the driveway, on the other side from the big tree. They probably aren't out of reach if the whole thing were to come down, but that's not likely. At least they're not right under the branches that are more likely to go.

We're pretty stocked up, although if I go to the store, I'll probably pick up a few more things, if they can be found.

So, that's where we stand.

I think we are likely to be highly inconvenienced for a while, but I doubt that we're in any actual danger.

Assuming we can keep the computer, phones or iPad up and running, I'll post updates as I have them.

If you're in the path, please taken the necessary precautions and be careful!

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