Thursday, October 25, 2012

Peeper's Birthday, Parts the First and Second

This morning, we had six moms and eight kids from the MOMS Club over for a joint birthday celebration for Peeper and little H who turned two today.

H's Mama is the Cupcake Lady and she really outdid herself this time, with two dozen Wizard of Oz cupcakes and a matching ice cream cake.

(If you are local, and in need of some cupcakes, let me know and I'll hook you up.)

And I even managed to remember her birthday plate!

But wait, there's more! All those amazing decorations were . . . over the rainbow!

(Yes, some of our friends should be seeing some very interesting diapers over the next couple of days.)

I tried to make the rest of the party set-up live up to the cupcakes. How did I do?

Did you find all the "characters" on the table?

Of course, she loved the singing!

And the cupcakes. Or at least the icing.

We even handed out treat bags for the first time!

After everyone left, we put the food away, straightened up the table decorations a bit, and relaxed for a few hours, before it was time to start cooking a variety of frozen Italian foods (lasagna, ravioli, cheesy garlic bread) in preparation for round two - the family party. In addition to the Italian food dinner, we served all the leftovers from this morning.

Of course, there was more singing and candling.

And ice cream cake!

And gifts!

A bat, ball and bathrobe from Aunt J and Aunt C.

A bunch of stickers from Ms. A and not-so-Baby J.

And a pirate costume and gear from Eena and Papa.

Tomorrow, she will be taking cookies to school, so she can celebrate with her classmates, and on Saturday (her actual birthday), we'll have our immediate family celebration.

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