Saturday, October 20, 2012


The envelope she's putting in the mailbox contains the letter below, a donation form, and $1.40 in dimes.

Dear March of Dimes:
After learning about Franklin Roosevelt and his work for March of Dimes, as well March of Dimes’ current work, (with a bit of prompting) our daughter Peeper decided to find all the dimes in our change jar, to “send to the babies."

Her donation isn't very big, but then, neither is she!

Peeper was born 10/27/08, at 36 weeks gestation, with a congenital heart defect (ASD/VSD) that was surgically repaired when she was four months old.

These experiences have made us very aware of the needs of families dealing with the challenges of prematurity and other medical issues with their infants and small children, and also very aware of just how lucky we are that, for everything we’ve been through, Peeper’s preemie issues were all relatively mild and short-term, her heart defect was “easily” corrected, and she is now an amazing, healthy, happy, loving, intelligent, (almost) four year old little girl.

March of Dimes is an organization that we are proud to support, and we hope that in a small way, we can help those families who have not been as fortunate as we have.

Thank you for all that you do,
Whozat, Shrike & Peeper Shrike-Whozat
We have, of course, made more significant donations in the past, and plan to in the future, but this one was from Peeper.

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