Wednesday, September 12, 2012

First Day

Well that went much better than last time!

There were some tears before we left the house, but it wasn't too, too bad. By the time we were ready to actually leave, she was doing fine.

In the elevator, heading to her classroom.

She found her cubby all by herself, and started taking off her backpack.

Checking in, by putting her name in the "at school" area!

She did cry when it was time for me to actually leave, but it wasn't as bad as dance class last night (which was much better than dance class last week), and I'm told she was fine and making a bead necklace just a couple of minutes later.

I wasn't sure how long she'd be there, so I just sort of hung out around town, rather than coming home. As it turns out, I could have come home and gotten a lot done. Oh well.

First, I made a trip to Big Lots to buy her back-to-school prize. While I was there, one of our MOMS Club friends (who will be subbing at MDO this year) texted to say that she was up there, and peeking in on Peeper and she was doing fine. Later, I called to check in on her, and Mrs. D. told me that when she asked her if she wanted to stay for lunch, she said, "Yes!"

We decided that I'd check back in about an hour and a half, and see if she wanted to stay for the whole day, so I went and got some lunch, and then headed back downtown to hang out at the coffee shop while I waited for time to call.

When I walked in, who was there? Mrs. D!

She said, "Are you stalking me?" and I said, "Did you run away?"

I suppose she is allowed to go out for lunch or a cup of coffee.

She ran into a friend and they sat and talked until about ten minutes before I was supposed to check in, and on her way out she said, "I'd better get back and go spy on Peeper!"

When I called a few minutes later, she told me that Peeper was "running around the room with a purple puppet on her hand, doing voices for the teacher," and suggested that I just let her stay for the rest of the day.

I confirmed that when she asked her about lunch, she had not said, "Mama will come back after lunch," and then decided to go for it.

I was a little nervous that she might hit her limit and then feel like I'd lied to her about coming back after lunch, but when I got there to pick her up around 2:15, she had a big smile, she did not say anything about having missed me, and the teachers reported that she had a great time.

She even got a big bye-bye hug from her friend G from MOMS Club (D's daughter). This is G's second year in this classroom (She turned five last Friday - just missed the cutoff for Kindergarten!) so she took it upon herself to "help" Peeper out today.

Out to the car, where she opened her back-to-school gift. It was a Witch Bear Beanie Baby, some Sesame Street astronaut stickers and some mint M&Ms. I think she was pretty happy about it.

Then we went back in to potty, and on the way back out, she said, "Bye-bye, school!"

Once we were finally on our way, we headed to Starbucks for a celebratory frappaccino and cake pop.

When we got home, I checked her lunch, and found 1 1/2 cheese sticks, the applesauce (unopened) and both bags of fruits snacks (also unopened). I guess that means she had a bit of cheese stick, the yogurt, spinach and juice box. Not bad.

Shrike should be home from work soon, then we'll all go out for dinner and ice cream.

Sounds like a nice end to a good day!


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