Monday, August 20, 2012

Staycation Day Three

Of course, today's priority was to get Peeper to the children's museum that she didn't get to go to yesterday.

Mission accomplished.

First she played for quite a while in their really cool backyard. We went back out there for a while, later.

This photo does not do justice to how hidden and tucked away this little table is. It's very cool.

C'mon in, Mama! Come do some checkering!

Another little nook, not quite so tucked away.

With teeny, tiny fruits and veggies!

She loves the "junk band" and musical instruments on the fence.

Gone fishin.

When we finally got inside, she went right to the coat rack and put on a froggy raincoat.

Painting in the art room. She did two paintings and one glitter picture.

In the construction room.

The 1860s room!

Fruits and veggies!

Here, hold my baby.

We stayed until they closed, and then went to Friendly's for dinner. Of course there was "Frank" (monster) ice cream.

Guess where we stopped on the way home? (Why, yes, we did buy more fudge. Why do you ask?)

In the garden, there's a little path through the woods that has statues of Snow White and all seven dwarves.

Or seven wolves, and Peeper insists the story goes. I do not know why.

Heading for home. (That's my bright yellow car in the background. Everyone in town knows it.)

When we got home, we let Peeper skip her bath again, and got her into bed. She was flipping and flopping and then got up to pee. We ran into Shrike and she wanted her to show her the pictures in her room, so I lay down in her bed to wait for her to be ready for goody.

I heard Shrike reading her a book, and the next thing I new, I was waking up as Shrike was sneaking out of the room. It seems they were camping in the floor.

Of course, I had to ruin it all, because I didn't want to stay up long enough to take her to pee in two hours, so I was afraid she'd pee on the floor, so I scooped her up to put her in bed, and woke her up, and had to lie back down and nurse her back to sleep after all.

As I said on Friday, this is the first time that we have taken a family "vacation" with just the three of us, but Shrike and I have been on many vacations in our fourteen years together. Some have been pretty crappy, I'll admit, but there have been some really good ones, too, but I think this was one of the best. It was certainly the most bang we've ever gotten for our bucks - I think we spent, all total including food and the wine, about $150 for the whole three days.

I think the key was shutting down our communication with the "outside world" and really putting ourselves into a "What the hell, we're on vacation!" (something we've actually said several times this weekend) mindset.

I'm so glad that we decided to do this, and we will definitely do it again. There are a ton of things to do and see around us that we never get to; I'm sure we can find enough adventures to keep us busy for quite a while!

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