Monday, August 27, 2012


Peeper had a rather traumatic experience this morning.

We were at the McDonald's playground with some friends, and I was drinking an ice caramel mocha (of course I was). She kept coming over and stealing sips of it, until she took one sip and immediately spit it out on the ground.

I was about to fuss at her for that, when I saw a fly in the spit-out coffee. Just as I was thinking "Ew!" she started crying.

And then I noticed that the "fly" had stripes on his booty.

And had stung her "tooth."

At least that's what she kept telling me. I assume it was actually her gum.

I scooped her up and went to the counter and told them "I need ice water fast!" I gave  her   some ice to put on it, and told them what had happened.

As I was talking to the girl behind the counter, I could just see "risk management" going through her head, as she ran over and made  her  a cup of shaved ice, which worked a lot better.

Then I figured it would help if she had something yummy and cold to sip on, so I ordered  her  a shake. Did you know that they no longer serve shakes at McDonald's? Since when?

So, I got  her a strawberry-banana smoothie instead, and they didn't even charge me for it.

By the time we got outside and talked to our friends for a while, she was talking and laughing and re-telling the story, and reporting that, no,  her mouth did not "feel funny," and it was not visibly swollen at all from the outside, so I declared that she would be fine, and she is.

Shrike gave her some Tylenol when we got home, and she seemed perfectly normal after that.

After McDonald's we went to get our hair cut. On the way, I asked if she was going to tell Mrs. D. what happened, and she said, "No, she might be scared."

We did tell her, though, after telling her not to be scared.

Later, we were at the grocery store and when I stopped to get myself a coffee, she told me, "I gonna tell them man what happened," and then did.

How bad is it, that she's not-quite-four and has already had three bee stings?

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