Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple Picking

We sort of rejoined the real world today, and headed right back over to where we spent most of our weekend (driving past the Elephant Museum, the historic farm market and the winery on our way) and met up with our MOMS Club buddies for some apple picking.

First, we went in "the bee room" where they have several educational displays set up, and the tour guide told us about the bees that they use to pollinate the trees.

Next we took a wagon ride through the orchard, and learned all about the things they grow and how they do it.

Then we got to pick our apples. With the tour, you get five apples per paying customer, so we let Peeper pick all fifteen of ours. She was all over it, and even did the "grab, twist, pull" that the tour guide had taught us.

After playing for a while in the kids' area . . .

. . . we all went out to lunch.

(Photo courtesy of our friend A, who was leading the pack. We are bringing up the rear in the Tweety mobile.)

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