Thursday, July 26, 2012

False Alarm

We had a weird morning/afternoon today. Everything is absolutely fine, as it turns out, but Peeper gave us a bit of a scare earlier. Or a freak-out would be a more accurate description.

Last night, she went to bed at her normal time, 9ish, and was up for a while in the night when the dogs woke her and she was wet, so there was all that bed and jammy changing thing, and then took a while to get back to sleep solidly enough for me to get up, but nothing too out of the ordinary.

Dogs woke her AGAIN about 6:45, I took her to pee, and laid down and nursed her back to sleep. Then we both slept til 12:30!!!

Usually, she wakes by 7:30, and if we go back to bed and nurse, maybe she'll sleep til 8:30 or maybe 9 if she was up late. Never noon!

Even then, I had to wake her up, and she was still super sleepy, and asked me to carry her to the potty instead of climbing over me an running in there herself, as usual. I left the room while she was brushing her teeth, and when I came back in, she was just standing there with her head in the sink!

Then she just wanted us to hold her - either of us was fine (usually it's all about me when she's sick). She was barely whispering "yes" or "no" to our questions, and almost falling back asleep.

I've never seen her lethargic like that except when she's been throwing up.

She said she wasn't nauseated, nothing hurt, but when I asked, "Do you feel normal? she said, "No."

She did want to eat (Shrike had made mac and cheese while we were asleep) but was almost dozing off in my lap, while chewing in slow motion.

When she wanted me to carry her, I asked if it hurt when she walked, and she said yes, her legs hurt.

At that point, I'd had enough, and called the doctor's office and left a long message about it all.

They called back a while later and as soon as I hung up from scheduling the appointment, she picked up her head and started talking to us. Non-stop.

By the time we got there, she still said her knees hurt when she walked, but she was super-perky, and had eaten three small bowls of mac and cheese and most of a "squeezy" apple sauce. (That's a lot for her.)

The doctor said that everything looks normal, she might just be fighting off a bit of a virus. There's been some diarrhea going around so, so we should watch for that. (Yep, she had some after we got home.)

When I asked about the fact that a week or so ago, she had some "dribble" pee-pee accidents, she said that maybe she's got something going on with a bladder infection or maybe she's just a little irritated, so we should avoid bubble baths for now and maybe put a little Vaseline on her. Eh, I don't know, but it won't hurt.

I don't think irritation would have anything to do with how she's acting today, though!

Everyone at the doctor said that this happens all the time, that the kid is acting fine by the time they get there, and the doctor also said that if she were still acting the way we'd described, she would also be concerned, too, but seeing how she is now she's not.

We both feel pretty silly for rushing her in there, but it was really scary how lethargic she was, and then the hurting knees, for some reason, freaked me out.

I was certain that we'd at least be heading over to the lab for blood work, and when I let my head start making things up while I was getting dressed, I went and made sure that my phone and iPad chargers were where Shrike could find them if I had to send her home from the hospital to get me an overnight bag!

Neurotic much?

Now she's acting pretty normal, watching Sesame Street.

I did decide to blow off the last night of dance class this evening, just to let her take it easy. I'm sure she is thrilled about that, actually because she's cried every day when I've sent her into the room without me, although she comes out with a big smile, and the teacher says she's fine as soon as the door shuts.

Oy. This mama thing is hard.

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  1. Poor bebe; glad she's feeling better. And not neurotic much, been there.


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