Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dancing in the Street

Peeper and I spent the afternoon at the "Old Market Day" portion of our our town's annual festival, and had a great time just checking everything out.

 The weather was about as good as we could possibly hope for in the middle of July - rain for the past two days and very overcast, so it was only in the low 70s, but no actual rain while we were there.

I was hoping to do this on the cheap, but we didn't make it very far before the money started flying out of my pockets. At the very first building, there was a bake sale to benefit the American Heart Association. Well, we couldn't possibly pass that by, could we?

My little (former) heart baby took her $1 cookie and went across the street to jam to some Andean flute music.

We also ate hotdogs and ice cream and kettle corn, and threw a few bucks in some donation jars, and Peeper insisted on buying a headband to match her outfit.

I tried to steer her toward the $1 and $2 barrettes and ponytail holders, but she was too busy trying on $5 headbands to notice them. I didn't want to add to our headband collection, since I rarely let her wear her hair down these days (tangles!) but when I saw how cute it was with a pony tail, I figured, what the hell!

Here she's showing off the origami hat and fish that this little boy gave her. I think the booth had something to do with our Japanese sister city?

We didn't get to the farmer's market (part of the festival) until after almost everyone had packed up and left, but the CSA was still there, and they are my first choice, so that was cool. 

On the way there, I told Peeper, "We'd better hurry up before they take all their veggies home," and she said, "But what about our veggies!"

Luckily, we made it in time to get a couple of onions and four long, skinny eggplants (a different variety than what you usually see, we assume). 

She insisted on carrying them to the car, so the least I could do was make it a little easier for her. 

She said, "I'm Mama Eggplant, and I'm carrying my babies on my back, just like you used to carry me!"

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