Monday, June 4, 2012

Mama's Little Snotball

Peeper has a cold.

Friday night, as I was nursing her back down after a potty trip, I heard a sniffle and thought "Oh shit."

Sure enough, on Saturday her nose was a bit runny and she had a lot of trouble sleeping, yesterday was worse and today her little voice is so hoarse she just sounds awful.

The first thing she told me this morning was "I feel yucky."

After a bit of quizzing, she said that it's just her nose and chest that feel yucky, and nothing else hurts.

I was asking her about various parts and whether they hurt, and when I asked "Does your throat hurt? Does it hurt when you swallow your goody milk?" (Because that's what she was doing at the moment.)

She looked up at me, all serious, and asked "Is that why? Because I got too much goody?"

"Oh, no honey, no no no!"

Speaking of which, she's totally thrown that whole "None or one during the day, except maybe a drive-by or two" thing out the window today. I lost count of how many times she's nursed, almost all of which were of significant duration.

There's a clue right there that she's not feeling well.

I hope she's getting the antibodies she needs to knock this thing out pretty quick.

Other than nursing a lot more than she has been recently, she's mostly acting normal, but definitely on the cranky side, with lots of snot and sniffles and sneezes.

As I was getting her jammies on this evening, she was crying "I am tired and sleepy!"

And evidently she was, because this didn't take any time at all.

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