Sunday, June 10, 2012

Kitchen Clean-Up

This afternoon, Peeper asked me (I swear), "Can I mop?"

When I bought the steam mop (which she is not allowed to use), I removed the middle piece from the handle of the Swiffer mop (just a plain one, not a Wet Jet) so it's the perfect height for her. She loves it, although she's pretty bummed that we're out of the special chemical-soaked disposable cleaning pads that you stick on the bottom, and that I'm not buying any more of them.

When I told her that we would just use a wet dishtowel (or water and vinegar if this were the mop that was actually cleaning the floor) she wailed, "But I WANT CHEMICALS!"


So, anyway, I told her that we could mop, but first we had to vacuum, because in addition to the "muddy footprints" that she wanted to get rid of, there was dog hair, and bits of the outdoors, and crumbs and who knows what else.

Point is, she decided to help me with that, too.

Then about thirty seconds into mopping (before I even had my steam mop filled with water) she decided she was done.

I think she tricked me into cleaning the kitchen floor.

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  1. Sneaky plan Peep. ;)

    Maybe you could have an activity where you "make your own chemicals."


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