Saturday, June 23, 2012

Busy Saturday

This morning, Peeper and Shrike hung out and went to the library while I worked at a MOMS Club car show and chicken barbecue fundraiser for a local toddler who is fighting a genetic disease. I spent most of the time scooping baked beans and putting rolls in to-go boxes for the chicken dinners. 

Somehow, I didn't manage to get any photos of the event at all!

As things were wrapping up, Shrike dropped Peeper off to me, so she could go to work, and when we were all done with getting things put away and money counted (we don't have the chicken money yet, so we are not announcing any amounts until we know they actual total, but we did great!), Peeper and I went to the Democratic Party's summer picnic.

I did manage to take some photos there. At least a few of Peeper.

On our way in.

I do not know what this name tag silliness was about.

Downward donkey.

Hey, look who was there!

Well, sort of.

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