Saturday, May 19, 2012

Yard Sale

On Thursday, I noticed a sign at the entrance to our street saying "Neighborhood Yard Sale, May 18 & 19."

That was news to me, but I didn't think much more of it until yesterday morning, when there were a million cars driving by, and I realized that several of our neighbors had their crap spread out on their driveways.

Hey! We have a driveway! We have crap! Why didn't we know about this?

Supposedly, there was a flyer stuck on everyone's door, but we never saw it. We had plans yesterday, but this morning (party the night before and all) I started dragging baby gear up from the basement and out into the front yard.

Shrike came up with a few more things from the garage and we put together a respectable little display, I think.

We didn't sell a ton of stuff, but we got rid of a few things and we were able to hit a couple of neighbor's sales and pick up a small TV/VCR combo (we've been looking for both - still need a DVD player - for the sunroom), a couple of kid's movies on VHS, a bread maker and a couple of educational posters, and still have $12.50 left.

Not bad for about two-and-a-half hours work.

Peeper enjoyed running around the front yard and testing out all the gear, for old time's sake.

Of course, none of the things that I photographed her in "one last time" actually sold, and the one thing she got in that I didn't take a picture of (the exersaucer) did sell. Of course.

Bassinet, 1 month old
Bassinet, now
Nest, 1 month old
Nest, now
Play mat, 10 weeks old
Play mat, 3 months old
Play mat, now
Highchair, 6 months old
Highchair, now

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