Monday, May 14, 2012

Mama's Birthday Lunch

Peeper woke up around eight this morning, and Shrike heard her first. When she went to check on her, she found her bed wet, so she changed her jammies and had her on the potty by the time I knew she was awake. When I found them in the bathroom, Shrike told me that she was planning to just bring her back to our bed, which was fine with me.

While I waited in bed, I could hear Peeper saying, "But Mama usually gives me goody in my bed!" but Shrike talked her into it, and we all slept for another hour or so until Peeper decided to get up.

And then, wonder of wonders and glory of glories, Peeper said, "I want to get up - with you!" to Shrike! And she got up with her, and told me to stay in bed!

A while later, a baby tiger came to the jungle to visit me for some goody, but that didn't last long, and the next thing I knew . . . it was noon!

It was the best day-after-Mother's-Day ever!

Also, my birthday was Friday, but Shrike was not feeling well that day, so we had my Red Robin free-burger-ice-cream-and-a-song lunch (around three o'clock because - see above: I slept til noon!) today.

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