Friday, April 20, 2012

Veggie Friends

Peeper and I went to a MOMS Club play date this morning, in a friend's backyard. The kiddos had a great time running and climbing and playing (those who are mobile), and the moms enjoyed sitting and talking.

Today's event was for the 0-3 crowd, so little Peeper was the "big girl" of the bunch.

(We have play dates for 0-3 and for 3-5, as well as some "all ages" ones. For the next six months, we get to go to any one that we want!)

After inhaling a few cookies, Peeper choose a baby carrot and a slice of cucumber, and then decided that they were her best friends. She carried them around all morning, occasionally taking a nibble, made me hold them for her when she needed her hands, and even brought the poor soggy cuke and grubby carrot home with her.

They are sitting in our fridge right now.

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