Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Look Moms, No Cavities!

Peeper got a great report from the dentist today. Her teeth are "healthy and strong" (as we say around here) with no cavities and she was a model patient. As she has done before, as soon as we were in the chair, she opened wide and sat there, mouth agape, before the hygienist (and later, the dentist) was even ready to begin!

Although we were at a different location (Same dentist, new practice; I stalked her on Facebook and found where she'd moved!) we still found a restaurant for our traditional post-dental-exam Mexican food lunch. As soon as we sat down, Peeper unrolled her silverware (as usual) and gave Mommy her knife (as usual). Then she plopped the napkin on her head and said, "I'm Little Red Riding Hood!"

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