Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hippity Hoppity, Easter's On Its Way

It was a busy day for us, with lots of Easter preparations going on. In addition to that whole Bunny thing, we will be hosting the family celebration tomorrow evening.

This morning, I was clicking around on Pinterest, when Peeper and I spotting these cute bunny pancakes. Of course, she immediately said, "Shall we make pancakes?"

So we did. I may have gotten a little carried away, but what the hell!

The original version used cantaloupe for the ears, but I didn't have any, so I just built them right into the pancakes.

Then I went nuts with the fruit. This is Peeper's plate. Notice the little Easter egg pancake, as well.

My plate. I took the one with the semi-detached ear.

Shrike's plate. Hers has much better ears.

This is what was left on Peeper's plate when she declared that she was "all done." Oh well, at least she liked the syrup.

As soon as we had breakfast all cleaned up, I started boiling eggs so we could get them dyed before Shrike left for work.

Here's my set up: Styrofoam cups (cut down to size), for a soft landing when she plunks the eggs in, stuck inside a muffin tin for stability, all on top of a double layer of bath towel, for cushioning and absorbancy.

I didn't buy any fancy dye kit. I just used food coloring (about 4 drops per color, or 2+2 for the secondary colors), vinegar (about 1 oz per color) and hot water (leftover from boiling the eggs).

One dozen eggs was about right for her attention span.

After sending Mommy off to work, I showered, we wasted a bunch of time doing who-knows-what, and we made two (yes, two) trips to Target. When we got home (finally), we made some break-and-bake sugar cookies, and decorated them.

When we decorate cookies, I always put one or two on a plate for Peeper and give her a bit of icing and let her do whatever she wants with those while I ice and sprinkle the ones for public consumption.

This is why.

Not the healthy kind of rainbow.

Then it was time to get ready for bed - but first, Peeper put out her Easter basket, complete with a little treat for the Easter Bunny.

While I was taking a little break during her bath (across the hall, where I can hear everything), she decided that she was done, and opened the drain to let her water out, climbed out of the tub (a relatively new trick), got a towel from the bar, wrapped it around her and walked out of the bathroom.

She's not supposed to get out of the bathroom until she's jammied, brushed and pottied, then straight to bed, because she tends to lose her focus if she steps out of the routine.

She definitely lost headed-to-bed focus tonight, but that's okay.

First, she decided that she was the Easter Bunny (actually, that was a continuation from when she put the basket out) and went to see what we left her. When she found the carrot, she took a big chomp out of it.

And then another and another and another.

The thing is, Peeper doesn't like raw carrots. But evidently, the Easter Bunny does.

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  1. She is the cutiest EVER!!!! Look at those bunny bites in her carrot...what a great job earning her orange magnet!!!


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