Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celery Stamping

Yes, celery stamping.

I was cutting up a celery this afternoon, to take part in a veggie tray that I will be serving to some of the MOMS tomorrow, when I remembered something nifty that I'd seen on Pinterest.

It seems that if you cut off the bottom of a stalk of celery - as you do -

 the cut edge is very flower-like. Roseate, in fact.

I showed it to Peeper, and even she recognized the flower. She'd already been painting and I'd promised that we would do that right before bath time (for obvious reasons), so I suggested that we use the celery to paint flowers. She loved the idea.

Here's the picture that I made. Does that look at all like a big, red bird flying by, in the upper left corner? Peeper slapped a big 'ol handprint on it when I was almost done, so I tried to salvage it with a couple of fingerprints of my own (the head and beak). Did it work?

Peeper wasn't really feeling the landscape thing, so she decided to go a little more abstract with hers.

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