Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Valiant Effort

Yes, I realize that this is not very pretty, especially that one piece over on the left that got left behind and had to try to catch up, but for my very first attempt at any sort of Frenchish-braidish type thing, on a wiggly three year old, I'm kind of proud of it.

Of course, it only lasted for about five minutes, as long as she was Rapunzel. As soon as she morphed back into Baby Bear, she insisted that I take it out, "because bears don't have braids!"


  1. That's a better job than I ever managed to do on French braids.

  2. Realy cool, next time use wet hair. And try to do it inside out.
    Ageeth, Holland

  3. I used to have strands left over when I french-braided my girls' hair. Their hair was so fine and it would have worked better if their hair had been a bit longer. Anyway, I used to use a bit of hair gel on those escaping strands, and a few bobby pins and hair clips. You did a good job on Peeper. It would be so much easier if the model would just hold still!

  4. Have you showed Peeper pictures of when you used to have hair almost as long as Rapunzel? ;)

  5. Oh yes, she's seen our "first date" and wedding photos. She will tell you all about how "When Mama and Mommy met, Mama's hair was down to her booty and Mommy's hair was down to her goodies."


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