Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sicky Girl

This morning started out great (for me), when Shrike got up with Peeper and let me sleep in, until around 10 am.

By that point, Peeper had been in and out of bed with me a couple of times to nurse, and we were awake and nursing for a while when she said she was ready to get up.

As she crawled over me, she stopped and looked kind of funny. I asked if she was okay, and she kept going, off the bed. When she got down, she said, "I have a feeling like I need to go pee-pee," but instead of taking off to the potty, she just stood there.

I jumped up and said, "Are you pee-peeing?!" and realized that, no, she was throwing up.

That would be the first of four times she threw up by two o'clock.

She and I napped for a couple of hours in the afternoon (why yes, she did just go to bed at 11:30 pm) and she had some diarrhea while asleep (not as bad as you'd think) and again later, but she felt it coming and got to the potty in time.

And she was very, very sad and pathetic and snuggly.

By supper time, though, she was pretty perky, and drank a couple of bottles of yogurt smoothy. (I was nervous for her tummy, but knew it would be good for the other end, if it stayed down. Which it has.)

She'd had some Cheerios earlier, which didn't go so well, but we'll try those tomorrow.

And, of course, she's nursed a whole lot. She's always willing to do that when she's feeling yucky.

We're hoping it was a really short-term thing and she'll stay perky tomorrow and be back up to full speed in time to start Mother's Day Out on Wednesday.


  1. Poor baby. Hopefully that means she already caught whatever might be going around her new MDO when you visited on Friday and won't have to miss any days. Hope she is back to her normal self today!

  2. I was wondering if it might be a bladder infection, but I guess you'd know by now if that were the case. Feel better soon please, Peeper. Thank God for goody!

  3. She's running around and playing this morning, like nothing ever happened. We'll take it!

  4. Sarah - This has been going around MOMS Club, and some of those kids are in MDO, so hopefully it is the same bug!


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