Sunday, March 18, 2012

Getting Ready to Garden

Peeper and I fluffed up the dirt in the garden today, and stirred it around and got it all ready to add in some peat moss, which we bought at Lowe's this afternoon, and compost, which Shrike picked up a truckload (literally - the bed of the truck is full of for five dollars at the township composting facility.

What? You don't let your three year old use a pick ax? In her panties?

See, she had some adult supervision.

Can you believe the mower started right up (more or less)?!

We explained to Peeper that needs to keep the hose out of the garden for now, so it can dry out a bit, but we'll water it really well after we put the compost in. She wasn't thrilled with that, but took the hose over to her "fishin' pond" and played with it there.

I went inside for a minute and when I came back out, she and the hose were in the garden, ankle deep in muck.

I said, "Peeper Middlename! What are you doing?"

She told me, "While you were gone, I put the water in the garden."

Then we had a talk about how, when Mommy and Mama ask you not to do something, that means even when we're not looking. 

Then we all got showered and dressed and Peeper wore shorts out and about for the first time this season. The hat was her own addition to the ensemble. Not a bad choice.

I brought a bunch of summer clothes up from the basement yesterday, and among them were six pairs of size 3T shorts that I bought on clearance at something like a dollar a pair, at the end of summer 2010, thinking that she'd be in them last year.

Ha ha ha. They are still baggy on her. (Of course, her booty was much bigger last summer.)

Here, she's showing Panda Jack how to climb the beanstalk. (The role of Beanstalk is being played by Wrench.)

Wrench / Beanstalk and Panda Jack both rode along as we went to Lowe's to do some preliminary garden shopping, and then out to dinner.

Panda Jack was sad because he missed his Mama, but he was still able to have fun with us, and he knew that he'd see her soon.

(Lots of folks are sad because they miss their mamas lately. Ya think she's doing a little processing?)

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