Monday, March 12, 2012

Gentle Parenting Resources

Since last night's post about our recent "tidy-up" struggles, I've been doing some reading, and found several articles that have been helpful: 

How Do You Get Your Toddler To Listen  -

"I think it’s really important to stop labeling her actions as disobedience, because that in itself will create frustration."
Gentle Parenting and Boundaries -
"The first step is to get clear with yourself as to what the values and rules are for your family. The second step is to figure out how you will hold this boundary in the moment, in a calm and unflappable way, and what are the tools you will use to help your child (hint: yelling is not a tool)."
What Is Misbehavior -
"Children don't misbehave, they simple behave to get their needs met."
Dr Thomas Gordon
"Three" Is The New "Two" - CodeNameMama
In her book Your Three-Year-Old: Friend or Enemy, Louis Bates Ames, PhD says that the really frustrating behaviors are those of a “three and a half year old,” who is in a state of “disequilibrium.” So maybe our 40 1/2 month old little Peeper is just advanced for her age? (Note that the blog author points out that the book talks about some discipline techniques that "will likely not resonate with every gentle parenting or consensual living family."

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  1. The thing about discipline is that you have to be consistent. I agree with the second point here where you have to define first your values and your rules. That is of utmost importance. It will be hard trying to tell your kid to do something you are not used to doing yourself because he'll just be picking up whatever your actions are or something like that.


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