Saturday, March 24, 2012

Eggplant v. 2.0

The eggplant chips were way floppy after being in the fridge overnight, but still tasted good, so I cut them up teeny, and cooked them in olive oil with some onions, peppers and sausage (turkey “loop” sausage cut up) then mixed in some rice.

(In retrospect, I should have added some spinach.)

I didn’t even have to add any seasoning beyond what was already on the eggplant. It was amazing. I hope I can recreate it!


  1. I love it when I can turn leftovers into something new! :)

  2. The rice thing looks delicious, but the homemade bread? Wowzers! I've made homemade bread a lot over the years (I still do) but I never let my kids help me. I waited until they were either sleeping, or at school. There's just nothing like homemade, for the taste and the wonderful smell while it's baking.


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