Monday, March 26, 2012

Eggplant Guy!

While playing around at Target today, we found this cute cutting boards shaped like fruits and veggies. They had an apple, an orange, a lemon and an eggplant. Peeper was really bummed that we didn't buy any.

"I am eggplant guy!"

She also told us all about how to choose a fresh eggplant, which she learned from the eggplant chips video. (Push your finger into it a bit. If it pops back out, it's fresh.)


  1. I'd be bummed too; those are so cute! Although I have to say, apple, orange, lemon, and... eggplant? Stange combination. ;)

  2. Because it's purple? I'm guessing there's a blueberry and lime somewhere that were just sold out that day :-)

    And probably a good thing, or else I might have had to spend $59.94 on the whole set, and found a place to put 6 hooks to hang them all up in my kitchen.


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