Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Dish Race

I tried a different tactic with the dishes this morning.

Typically, I tell Peeper that it's time to put away dishes and ask if she wants to do the silverware. She gets all excited, runs in the kitchen, pushes a chair up to the drawer and does that - independently - while I put away dishes.

As I go, I put "her" dishes on the open dishwasher door, and when she's done with the silverware, I nag her to put them away, she runs off, I get mad, and so on.

But today, I pulled all her dishes and set them on the door, and then said "Do you want to have a dish race?"

She said, "Yes! Yes! C'mon, let's do it!" and ran into the kitchen.

I told her that she would be putting away her dishes, and I'd put away mine, and whoever got finished first would get to put away the silverware.

She needed a bit of redirecting once or twice, and a little help with nesting her plates and bowls, but at that point, she only had one cup left, so I made a big deal about how she "tricked" me into helping her, so I lost time, and that's how she beat me.

Then she put away the silverware while I finished my things.

Much more fun, much less stressful.

One other lesson learned: When we've used the basting brush, do not give it to her to put away until she's completely done with everything else. I actually had to finish putting up the last few spoons, because she was busy "combing" everything on the counter with the brush!


What say you?