Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Breakfast Burritos

This morning, Peeper and I whipped up a pan of breakfast burritos, and froze them for microwave-popping purposes.

I started with a pound of breakfast sausage and some veggies.

Then, we scrambled up a half-dozen eggs.

Why yes, that is Peeper stirring the eggs. She was very careful and I spotted her very closely, and she did a great job.

At one point, she did touch the metal thingy that holds the handle onto the pot, and it was hot. But she just said, "Oh, I burned my widdle finger," and wasn't crying or even whining.

I actually think it was kind of a good thing, because it hurt enough for her to know that she doesn't want to do that again, but it wasn't enough to injure her. Didn't even leave a mark. So, lesson learned, right?

Then, put it all in tortillas, with some cheese. At first, I had this great assembly line going . . .

. . . then I realized that was just dumb, and threw it all together in one pan.

Much better.

I rolled and froze ten, and had enough filling left over to do a very general open-faced on (tostada?) to eat right then.

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