Monday, February 13, 2012

A Busy Day

This morning, the MOMS Club - well, a couple of us - delivered Valentines and candy at a local retirement home. Peeper and T's little C were quite a hit.

A candy break, halfway through.

As I got out of the car at the retirement home, I discovered that my "new" jeans were thiiiiis far from another blowout, so after we got home and had some lunch, we headed out in search of new pants. My shoes weren't doing much better, so we figured we should look for some of those, too.

On our third thrift store, I finally found some jeans that were acceptable, but I decided that, other than their tendency to suddenly develop giant holes, I much prefer the ones I've been wearing, because the number on them was much better than the one on the pair I bought. Sigh.

We went to Target to get shoes for both me and Peeper, because her Twinkle Toes have been reeeaally hard to get on lately. I think I might know why.

Backing up a bit - When she started dance class, I bought her used tap and ballet shoes. All the shoes she's been wearing are 7s, so that's what I looked for, but I ended up with very, very, very used, white size 6 (I think?) ballet shoes, that are a bit too long.

(I forget what size the tap shoes are, and they are in her dance bag in her room where she's sleeping, so I'm not going in there to look! But it wasn't a size that surprised me.)

Anyway, so after loving dance for a month, we figured that she's going to stick with it, so last week, I had her try on some new, pink ballet shoes. I started with a 6 and couldn't get it on her foot. We ended up with an 8.5!

(Maybe those 6s are really 9s?!?)

So, when her 7 tennis shoes started seeming tight, I though maybe it was time to look for bigger ones. I tried a pair of 8s on her and they seemed okay, but I wanted to measure her feet and be sure. They don't have the slidey-measurer-thingies there, but they do have a chart on the floor.

We put her on the chart, and she hung over the 8 a bit, so I got 9s. She picked out the black Converse All-Stars. We offered several different options, including some pink, sparkly ones, but she stuck with those. Okey doke.

But then she was Out Of The Cart. Which is Not Allowed. And this is why.

Thirty minutes later, we were finally able to leave the shoe department, with her new shoes, and some All Stars for Mama, as well.

I would like to tell you that I bought the pink, sparkly ones but, although I did try the on, I decided that I really probably couldn't quite pull that off, so I got the navy blues next to them.

Then, Shrike took us out for a family (early) Valentine's Day dinner. Peeper looked at the pictures on the kids' menu and choose mac and cheese with a side of broccoli. When her food came, she said, "Oh broccoli! Just what I wanted!"

She picked up a piece, sort of licked it, and didn't touch it again.

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