Monday, February 6, 2012

Setting the Table

I've been trying to have Peeper help me set the table when possible, which usually involves putting out napkins (ok, paper towels) and silverware (forks) for each of us.

Today, Shrike cooked dinner - "breakfast for dinner" of scrambled eggs and toast - and Peeper "helped."

I was in the office when she came in carrying her place setting, telling me "Cmon Mama! Wet's go to the tabuw! It's ahmost time for wunch!"

When I got to the kitchen, she told me that she'd set the table. It all looked a little wonky, so I was pretty sure she had, but I was surprised to learn that Shrike had even let her carry the "real" (Fiestaware!) plates to the table, one at a time.

She did just fine with it, and it's not like she just spontaneously drops things, and she knows to be super-careful with them (I think) so I think I may let her do that from now on, even if it means switching to "family style" service rather than plating the food at the stove.

Except she'd not allowed to carry any of the "juniper" (green) ones, because that color is discontinued, and about impossible to find!

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  1. Great job Peeper! Maybe you could laminate up some placemats that have a place setting guide on them.


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