Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Daily Tuck-In

While Peeper was in the tub (and I was right across the hall, listening to her whole play-narration and asking "Are you okay?" any time she got quiet for more than a few seconds), I overheard:

He has his jammies on! 
Wrap him up, I'll take him.  
I need a washcloth for a pillow! I need a washcloth! Maaaammaaaa! I need a washcloth for a pillow for Stevie!

So, I went in to see what the problem was.

It seems that her latest tuckee-in is "Baby Stevie," the pump from an old bottle of shampoo.

(I've explained about Stevie, right? Stevie is the hand-held shower head, based on a Grover video in which Stevie the Elephant helps him to take a shower. "Stevie" helped immensely in getting Peeper past freaking out about having her hair rinsed. Now anything that sprays or squirts water might be Stevie. The sink sprayer is Baby Stevie, as is this pump.)

Stevie is sleeping on a bed made from a piece of foam that used to hold tub crayons. He has a pillow and blanket made from matching "washies" and his "Beddy-Bye Doll" is tucked in beside him.

(She just made up that term this evening. It is actually the snot sucker that we got from the hospital when she was born, but never used for that, as it was way bigger than her little nostrils.)

She even kissed him goodnight.

Of course, we had to be very quiet, so we wouldn't wake him up.

After I got her out of the tub, I was sitting on the toilet (where else do you sit in the bathroom?) holding her in my lap, all snugged in up a towel.

She whispered, "Mama?"

I said, "What baby?"

"I fink I wuv you!"

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