Friday, February 17, 2012

Best Morning Ever

Last night, I took Peeper to the potty and got her tucked in around 1:30 or 1:45 am, and went to sleep shortly after.

She woke up just after 7 am, and we made another potty trip, then I crawled in bed with her and nursed her back to sleep.

At 7:40, she woke up again and said, brightly "I wanna watch videos! Let's get up!"

I said, "Oh, Baby. Mama is soooo tired. See the clock? Mama will get up when the seven turns into an eight. Can you play quietly until then? Pleeeaase."

I really had zero expectation that anything of the sort was going to happen, but she proceded to entertain herself until about 8:20 (I think?) at which point she crawled back in bed to nurse some more, then got up and played, then back for more goody, and so on until nine o'clock. 

It was glorious.

I had some vague awareness of what she was doing, and peeked at her occasionally. I heard her "reading" at least one of her Nutcrackers books out loud, and I roused up long enough to squint at it and tell her the author's name when she asked me.

Seriously, she woke me up to say, "Mama, what's the arfur uh dis book?" I asked her this evening if she remembered doing that, because I thought I might have dreamed it.

I'm pretty sure I didn't dream seeing her standing on top of her panda-less bookshelf, but at least she sat down when I told her to.

I did, however, dream that she was unloading and reloading all the books from the bookshelf.

Evidently only half of that was true. This is what I found when I woke up.

It was totally worth it.

When I finally did get out of bed, I felt better than I have first thing in the morning in months. At least thirty-nine-and-a-half of them.

And then - then - when Shrike got up a little while later, she cooked breakfast. Scrambled eggs and toast. On the stove and everything.

I didn't even worry about the mess in Peeper's room, I just put it at the top of the list for our "ten-minute-tidy-up," which is a new thing that Peep and I are doing every evening before bath time.

Here she is, ostensibly helping to clean up, but if look closely, you'll see that she's actually emptying the contents of the one remaining drawer into a laundry basket.


  1. Well, either an awful panda massacre took place, or else the big panda was reading a story to all the little pandas and they all got sleepy and took naps. Don't worry, it will all clean up quickly, and as you say, it was totally worth it for the sleep you got, and the breakfast too!

  2. lol at "panda massacre!"

    We got it all cleaned up before she went to bed. Only took a couple of minutes. TOTALLY worth it.


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