Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Walk in the Neighborhood

Today was mostly about hanging around the house, watching The Nutcracker way too damn many times, but when I took Anonymama's trash outside, I realized what a beautiful day it was - and those are hard to come by in January back home - so Peeper and I got ourselves dressed and went for a little walk.

We started with a stop at Dairy Queen for some ice cream,

and then took the slightly-longer-than-necessary way back home, with me giving her a bit of a tour of my childhood along the way. Maybe we'll head out the other direction tomorrow, where we'll pass alot more of the homes that our friends grew up in, because she was, of course, ever so interested in hearing about that.

Or maybe we'll just get more ice cream.


  1. Your daughter is GORGEOUS!

    And I cracked up at "because she was, of course, ever so interested in hearing about that."

    I'm always trying to get my kids to understand how interesting I am!

  2. Thank you, we think she is, too, but we might be a teeny bit biased ;-)

    I'm glad you stopped by, I've been enjoying your blog. And wondering if, perhaps, we were separated at birth.

    (Note to my sister - go read her blog. You'll see what I mean.)


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