Sunday, January 29, 2012

Swinging, Scooping and Soaping

I spent much of today rather distracted by a little project that I was working on (more on that in my next post) but Peeper managed to grab me for a little bit of outdoor playtime.

We did a little swinging . . .

. . . then we went on a poop mission.

She saw some dog poop, so I had to inside, get the key to the shed, unlock the shed and get the pooper-scooper, then scoop up all the poop that she could find.

Actually, she pointed out about three piles and then went off on her merry way, while I continued to seek and scoop.

She was talking the whole time, but I was wearing my earmuffs, so I couldn't hear much of what she was saying. I did catch it when she asked me to fill up her watering can, and explained that we can't play outside with water in the winter. (It was about 40 degrees out at the time.)

When I finished, I shouted to her that I was going in to wash my hands, and I realized that she was no longer out there. I went in the house and called for her, and found her in the bathroom.

"I washin' my hands, 'cause I played in the mud!"

She can't reach to turn on the water, and also knows not to (maybe) so she was standing at the sink, rubbing her muddy, soapy hands all over the inside of it.

I told her that it was a great idea to wash her hands when they were muddy, but that next time, she should ask a grownup to help!

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