Friday, January 6, 2012

Potty Problem

Peeper and I are leaving for Texas later today, and I've got a bit of a dilemma. So much so that Shrike reached out for help on Facebook. Where, of course, we got 100 conflicting opinions:

Shrike Okay, question. After your child is "pottytrained," do they then regress? Do they need potty charts for a while after they are trained? Peeper is getting on a plane for 4 hours tomorrow and we don't want her to pee on the plane.
Thursday at 8:03pm ·

LiPA Ours didn't regress. Depends on how long she has been doing it. Maybe offer her a reward for a dry flight.
Thursday at 8:10pm ·

Whozat More info: Potty charts with stickers for telling us she has to go got her to the point where she was always telling us with very few accidents.She finished her 3rd chart in a row and was doing great, so we declared her trained, and had a potty party the week before Christmas, so that's been about 2 weeks.

Suddenly, about 3 day ago, she's started having accidents. Lots. What the heck? Are we just getting less vigilant about reminding her? Does she have no incentive w/a sticker chart?

Sometimes she's peed 2 or 3 times very quickly in succession. Did she just cut it off the first time, then finish? (Altho I always put her on the potty after to finish.)

Could it be something physical? (It's the opposite of a UTI, I think. For that she'd be asking to go, then not going. And hurting. Been there, done that.)

We just told her we'd do sticker charts for the flights and asked her what prize. She asked for a violin and drum. Fine. Whatever it takes. If she gets X # of stickers she'll get the prizes. I don't want to say "if she stays dry" because if she pees 30 min into the flight, she's got no reason not to pee 5 more times before we get there!

I may also buy some candies that she really likes and give her one when she tells us, during the trip down/back, even though I suspect there will be much begging for them at other times.

I really, really, really don't want to put her in a diaper or trainers for the flight because a> she'd just pee freely in them and b> I think it would be too, hmm, demoralizing?

Any other ideas to keep her from peeing on the plane?

Also, is a pretty immediate regression after being declared trained common?
Thursday at 8:11pm ·

Friend A When mine were that age and we were flying, I told them they needed to wear a pull-up. They demanded to know if there was a toilet on the plane and did not need the pull-up. But we brought them along. Good luck
Thursday at 8:13pm ·

Whozat We did cloth, and have packed away the diapers, which are really too small for her now, anyway. As luck would have it tho, I just TODAY received a shipment of some new pull-on cloth trainers for my store, so (altho I now can't sell it as new) I've opened one set (shell + 5 liners) and put it in the carry on bag. I have a big chamois towel to put on the seat under her, which should catch a pee and if she has an accident, I'll put the trainer on for the rest of the flight. I want to give her a chance to do it all in panties, though.

Also, a sticker + candy for every pee when I tell her or telling me she has to go. If she gets 12 (door-to-door, including 2 hour drive + stop to eat each way, airport time and flight, we're talking a bit more than 12 hour) OR stays dry the whole way, she'll get her prize.
Thursday at 9:53pm ·

Thursday at 9:53pm ·

Friend B I was going to suggest pull up for plane too....esp. with the recent events!! Better safe than sorry. Course this is from a Mom who once flew 18 month old to Europe and packed all the diapers in the "under-the-plane" luggage!!! Had to run around 10 of them airport kiosks and buy them all out of diapers at $3 a pop!
Thursday at 9:56pm ·

Whozat I should add that she has only had accidents (knock wood) at home. Out and about, she's been fine. Probably because we make her pee every time we pass a bathroom.
Thursday at 10:04pm ·

FriendA Whozat, I brought my twin girls to Ireland right after potty training. They were very proud to be big girls and not need the pull-ups. Keep praising her and she will be fine. Try not to stress, and enjoy your trip. :)
Thursday at 10:04pm ·

Whozat  I'm debating whether to tell her the trainer is there and I'll put it on her if she pees. Will she be "oh yeah, I don't have to go to the potty then!" or will she be "Oh NO! I dont' want a diaper! That's for babies!"

A friend, w/a son who is 20 mos picked up a trainer today, and I think she knew that he was getting one, because he's just starting to learn to go in the potty, so I think she'll see it as a baby thing. I do NOT want it to be a punishment, I just want to be allowed on a plane again!
Thursday at 10:06pm ·

Friend A I would tell her she has to wear it and see if she fights you on it. Either way, airline crews see a lot worse than a little pee. Enjoy your trip. Where are you going?
Thursday at 10:19pm ·

Frienc C i would go for the undies. just bring pull-ups in case she has an accident, then you can put her in those if you need to. my guys always have an uncanny ability to 'hold it' when we're out somewhere, or on 3 1/2 car trips to NJ. if they have to go, they hold it or tell us. i think it's different peeing on your floor than peeing in your seat on the airplane! B will still have accidents at home, but never out anywhere. i have noticed that (especially with G) if he has an accident at night, the next day he will come down with a cold or some other illness, so keep an eye on her! that's my 2 cents :) enjoy your trip! :)
Friday at 6:13am ·

Whozat Ok, here's the plan:

Potty Chart (hand scribbled) and Stickers AND Candy ("Mrs Darlene Kuhn Smith mints") - Each time she tells me she has to pee (emphasizing this) or goes when I ask her to (mumble, oh yeah, that too) she gets a sticker and a mint (I never do candy rewards, but desperate times / desperate measures).

If she gets 12 stickers OR stays dry all the way to Grandma's, she will get a toy violin. (This was actually on her Christmas list. If, by chance, someone in my family has bought it already, she'll get a drum.)

If she's dry all the way there, she'll get to finish the rest of the candy (I will buy a reasonable amount!) when we get to Grandma's house.

Same deal for the trip home, but the next prize is a drum. These prizes were both her idea. Right off the top of her head.

I have a big chamois towel to put under her on the seat, to absorb and pee, and a pull-on cloth trainer in the bag. I've told her that if she has an accident, we'll switch to the trainer (it has multiple swtich-out liners)
but "I know you can do it!"

Oh, and I changed our seats to the back row, so we are sitting right by the potty. Faster to get there, and more acceptable to sneak there with the seatbelt light on.

Btw, we are going to Texas to visit my family. We go about every 3 months, but this is the first time we're doing it without diapers.
Friday at 7:11am ·

Shrike Friend A, they're going toTexas, where Whozat's family lives. I am staying home to guard the house.
Friday at 7:13am ·

Shrike There have been a rash of burglaries in our area in which pee-covered office chairs have been stolen
Friday at 7:26am ·

Whozat LOL!
Friday at 7:39am ·

Whozat Thanks for the input, everyone! I'll be sure and let you know how it goes.
Friday at 7:44am ·

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