Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year's Day

I started off the new year too damn early, when Peeper's nine-ish o'clock bedtime from last night bit me right in my sleepy ass at 6:57 am.

But, she's a big girl, she can take care of herself, right?

Evidently, she can, because I set her up on the computer with some longish Dr. Seuss videos on YouTube and went back to bed, well her bed, in the next room.

Before I did, though, I made her go pee-pee, which was a bit of a challenge, because she is some sort of inhuman freak who doesn't need to pee first thing in the morning. Not only does she tell me she doesn't have to go, but quite often she sit on the potty and either doesn't go, or just dribbles a bit.

What the hell? I'm dying there, waiting for her to get out of my way so I can do, and I haven't been nursing off and on all night long!

But, I digress.

As I was trying to get her into the bathroom I said something along the lines of, "C'mon, Mama's sleepy and grumpy . . . ." and she said, "Oh. You're grumpy? I didn't know you were grumpy."

And got up and went to the bathroom.


But, at least that was done, and I could go lie down for several ten-to-fifteen minute stretches, while she entertained herself.

She ended up playing in the bedroom, which was probably a much better plan, but actually did a really good job of letting me (mostly) sleep, and I didn't get up for real until around 9:30.

Shrike got up shortly after, and I fixed us some breakfast/brunch/something.

We had leftover cheesy pigs-in-blankets from last night, and canned cinnamon rolls, which were pretty damn good for Aldi brand.

I don't think Peeper ever tried the cinnamon rolls, because she was too busy eating all the piggies. Actually, after a couple she declared that she wanted "Just a plain ol' hotdog," which meant that she only wanted the sausage inside, without the biscuit. (Mmmm, more cheesy biscuits for us!) She must have eaten six or seven of those, which is a lot for her.

Later Shrike and Peeper hung out while I deChristmasified the house.

Once the tree was out of the way, I was able to return Peeper's bookcase to its proper place in the corner. The little round table that lived beside it seems to have found a home in the sun room, and there's been much shuffling of toy storage, in preparation for having three desks in the office, so I put this toy storage unit (which has been from sun room to office closet to the other side of the living room over the course of the past week) in its spot.

When Peeper came in the room, she went over to that corner and looked at it and said, "Oh! Beautiful!"

Now, if only I thought she'd do her part in keeping it that way!

I also did some rearranging here and hung up the newest Peeper collage (bottom center). I'm not sure what happens next. I guess we could move the painting of her and DaCousins to another location and then we could fit in one more.

I also hung our 2012 calendar. Every year, Shrike gets me the "Play With Your Food" calendar. They are filled with pictures made out of fruits and veggies. This year's theme is "Sea Food." January, as you can see, is a bok choy goldfish.

Shrike spent the afternoon visiting with her dad and grandparents, and while she was gone (well, during a very small portion of the time that she was gone, actually), I whipped up a semi-traditional-ish New Year's Day Dinner:

Rice, black-eyed peas (from a can, for me, Shrike won't eat them), egg rolls (the only way either of us will eat cabbage), and cornbread.

You may have noticed that I got out the fancy actual-glass-that-can-break glasses for the occasion. So did Peeper. We'd barely started eating, when she said, "Why you got new glasses?"

I explained that it was a special occasion, so we were using the fancy glasses. She had to have a sip or five or water from each of ours, and then said, "I didn't get a fancy glass."

Oh, the guilt.

So, I told her that, if she would be really careful, I'd let her use a Peeper-size fancy glass.

The glass survived, but she was so enamored of it that she filled up on water and didn't eat another bite.

Oh, wait, that's not true. She asked for a "plain ol' hotdog" and finished off the sausages of the last two "piggies."

Then I conked out on the couch while Shrike and Peeper played and bathed, Peeper came to me all jammified and asking for goody around 7:40, and the next thing I knew, I was tucking her in bed, before eight.

Shrike wasn't too far behind her, and I'm thinking I'd better get to bed at a decent hour myself, because a certain little someone is going to be ready to play way too fucking early in the morning.

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  1. I just read that in Sicily, they eat lasagna on New Year's for good luck. Next year I'm going Sicilian style!

    (Careful though, apparently other shapes of pasta are bad luck.)


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