Monday, January 9, 2012

Poor Baby

I woke up just before 7 am, to the sound of Peeper puking in the bed beside me.

Such a lovely way to begin "Christmas" Day!

I stuck her in the tub and got her all cleaned up (as you do for the first puke, when you're still in denial about the inevitability of there being more), and we were, of course, up for the day.

I texted LadyKay and Frappa, who were planning to come over (along with #1) for dinner, BabyBro and HisLovelyWife, who were upstairs with their kids, and, of course, Shrike. Who was puke-free back at home.

A while later, BabyBro took the twins out for a drive, to look at firetrucks and such, and when he came home (after Peeper had puked another time or two) he walked in the door saying, "I need a towel, DaNephew threw up in the car."

Oh. Dear.

As it turns out, DaNephew just seems to have been carsick, because both he and DaNiece were fine for the rest of the day, but poor Peeper was just pathetic.

She spent the vast majority of the day in my lap, nursing, sleeping, whining or some combination of the three.

She threw up a total of five times, poor thing.
I was amazed how well she handled it, mess-wise. Normally (okay, both times she's been throw-uppy) I would just hold her and take it as it comes, but I have a limited amount of clothes here with me, so I was pretty concerned about getting all my pants pukey, so I gave her a bowl and explained what it was for, and mentioned the possibility of doing it in the potty. And the combination of the two worked.

Once, she actually told me "I need to go to the potty" and when I asked if she needed to pee-pee or poop, she said "I need to frow up." As was standing in front of the toilet, in between bouts, she was telling me "I'm all done frowin' up. I'm all done frowin' up."

She was just so sad about it all. After about the second or third time, she started saying, "I don wanna frow up. I don gotta frow up. I not gonna frow up." every time I asked how she felt - as though I was going to make her do it again!

We already had all the food either cooked or ready to cook, so there was no cancelling dinner, but LadyKay and #1 are fighting a nasty cold and feeling awful, so they decided not to come over, and we blew off the fancy china and the formal seating, and just used disposable dishes and all went and fixed a plate as we were able (I wasn't very able) and made do.

By the time we were eating "Christmas" dinner early afternoon, Peeper was feeling well enough to have about half a piece of toast, and she kept it down, as well as another half-piece around supper time. Plus lots and lots of nursing.

She spent a big chunk of the afternoon watching all three of her ballet videos in succession, while my parents and I dozed on our respective chairs and couches.

She took two naps during the day, and still went to bed for the night just after eight, and she was feeling a little warm still, as of bedtime, but at least she's keeping things down, so far, so I'm optimistic that tomorrow will be a recovery day, and she'll be good to go by Tuesday.

I just hope that if I get it, it will fall in that narrow window between Peeper being well enough to not need me 100% and when we have to fly home.



  1. Poor bebe. Is she feeling any better.

  2. Poor little thing, I hope she's keeping food down now. I hope you don't get it.


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