Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to Ballet

We missed a couple of weeks of dance class while we were in Texas, but we were back tonight, Peeper still loved it, and I've now purchased shoes and paid her tuition through the end of February. I guess we're official!

I swear, she was excited about going. You just can't tell it from these photos.

As she did last time (and as I'm sure will do every time), she napped in the car on the way there. This time we were running late, though, so she didn't have any wake-up time before going in to class.

I got her warm clothes off and took her into the classroom (studio? dance room?) where the other little girls (I think there were about five there this week) were already dancing.

The teacher came over to talk to us and I apologized for being late and for still not owning shoes (we were going to borrow then buy some from them tonight, but there was no one in the office to get them when we arrived).

She said it was fine, and Peeper could dance in socks (fine for ballet, but not so great for tap) and tried to get her to join the other girls.

Peeper started to melt a bit and reached for me, but when Mrs C suggested that "Why don't you just come sit with me and watch for a while?" she went (slowly).

I gave her a cheerful "Have fun, see you in a little while, love you!" and left. I wasn't feeling nearly as confident as I sounded, but I didn't hear from her for an hour, and when they came out, Mrs C said that right after I left, Peeper told her, "I'm awake now. I'm ready to dance." and she did great.

She seemed a little, I don't know, subdued or something afterward, while I was getting shoes and paying. I kept asking her if she was okay and she said she was. We talked about it on the way home and I couldn't really get anything out of her then, either.

I told her "You just looked like maybe you felt yucky, or you were sad about something, or something was bothering you."

So, she started talking about it, and you have to hear it in her "I'm making a list of things that I'm musing about" tone of voice, "Maybe I felt yuuuucky, or maybe I was saaaad about somefing, or maybe I loooost somefing, or maybe I lost a friiieeend, (what?!) or maybe I lost GirlCat, or maybe I lost BoyCat, (aha!) or maybe I needed gooody . . . .

I asked her if she was feeling sad about BoyCat and she said "Nope!" and decided to go with "I wanted goody."

I don't know, but for a minute there, as I was waiting at the window to pay her tuition, I thought she was either going to burst into tears or throw up on me. My tummy felt a little oogy while we were driving home (but fine once I ate) so maybe that was it.

Point being, though, she says she had a great time at dance class, and we're looking forward to going back next week!


  1. I can't wait to see how it goes when she really gets going with it.

    Do you think maybe she has heard the phrase, "You look like you have lost your best friend."?

  2. I wondered that myself. Or something from one of her Sesame Street videos. Sometimes she comes up with stuff that doesn't make sense until I pay more attention to what she's watching on the computer :-)


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