Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Target Nurse-In

Finally! After three-and-a-bit years of breastfeeding, I finally got to attend a nurse-in!

If you've not heard about the international Target nurse-in this morning, here's some more information about it, from Best for Babes.

When I first read about it, and didn't see my local Target on the list of locations with events scheduled, oh, you know I took the cow by the boobs, added us to the list, and started spreading the word.

As you can imagine, I've nursed at Target a million times, and have never had a problem, nor has anyone that I've talked to had a problem at the local store, so we approached it as an opportunity to raise awareness, to thank our local store for their support, and to ask corporate to be sure that all stores are following their own policy and the applicable state laws.

It wasn't huge, but I was still pleased. We had five moms planning to attend, and ended up with three. Most of the time, it was just me and Peeper and our friend A and her fourteen-month-old daughter H. We hung out at Starbucks visiting, nursing for a while, and drinking coffee.

Then we tracked down a manager and presented him with the following letter:

Dear Manager:

We want to thank you for your store's support of breastfeeding mothers and children. We have nursed our children in your store many times, and have always been treated with respect.

Unfortunately, that was not the case for a mother who recently nursed her infant while shopping at a Houston-area Target store. She was asked to move to a changing room, in direct opposition to both Target corporate policy and Texas law.

We appreciate that, in our experience, the Chambersburg Target and its employees have always acted in accordance with Target's policy and with the Pennsylvania law that guarantees the right of a mother and child to breastfeed any time and anywhere that they are allowed to be.

We will be sending a copy of this letter to your corporate office and asking that they strive to insure that all of their locations and employees are as well-trained and well-educated about the rights of breastfeeding mothers and children as are the ones in Chambersburg.

Thank you again, for your support of mothers and children.

(signed by the moms, including our kids' names/ages)
Later, another mom and her two kids showed up, and we did some shopping. About then, Shrike called to remind me about our haircut appointment, so Peeper and I had to bail and go get "spiffy."

Oddly enough, we didn't actually get any photos of us nursing, probably, because we were doing it at the same time, so our hands were full, but A and I each got a cute one of Peeper showing off her Target Nurse-In sticker.

And one more, just being cute.

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