Saturday, December 10, 2011

Merry Christmas

Colorful Joy Christmas Card
Create beautiful photo Christmas cards at
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Note: is giving me a $10 credit for posting this card on my blog. You can get the same deal if you have a blog and order a


  1. Now, I just have to manage to mail them. I have birthday and LAST YEAR's Christmas thank you cards sitting on my desk, addressed except for a couple. Why I can't mail the rest, I have no idea.

  2. You will be happy to know that, right after I posted that, I found the 2 missing addresses that are my responsibility, stamped them all, left the 2 unaddressed ones that are for Shrike's relatives where she can deal with them, and put the rest in the mailbox. Only a month (and a year) late!

  3. Very nice card and photos but I notice you have your real names on there.

  4. Yeah, we discussed, and agreed that the tiny risk of putting that out there is worth the $10 :-)

    Our blog anonymity is not really about people reading the blog not being able to find us so much as it is about people who sort of know us in real life not being able to find the blog.

    Specifically, when I started it, I was looking for a job and blogging about trying to get pregnant. Bad combination :-)

    Things like this, saying Peeper's name in videos, etc, are googable, so we're not worried.

    That said, now that you know our real names, please don't stalk us or steal our identities or anything. Thanks.

  5. Oh, don't worry about that. I meant it as friend not foe!


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