Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sheet Happens

Well, Peeper's dry-bed streak ended last night, but in her defense, by the time I discovered that it was wet (and, I suspect, about the time she wet it) it had been probably 6 hours since she'd last used the potty.

She went to sleep around 9:30ish and I took her when she woke up around 12:30, but I'm pretty sure that she didn't actually pee then.

When she woke up at 3:30, she was wet.

I got her jammies changed (Yes, she was actually wearing some - but with nothing underneath. She seems to sleep in either panties or jammies these days, but never both. Whatever.) while Shrike changed the bed. That consisted of taking off the fitted sheet and putting on the flat one, which we weren't using. (Because we've found that our top sheets just end up in a big ball in the middle of the bed. Fuck it. Fitted sheet. Comforter. We're good.)

Of course, being a flat sheet, it was in sort of a ball under us by morning, so while I was lying there, trying to get it tucked back in a bit, I came up with this idea. I may or may not have invented it, but it worked out pretty well.

I just tied knots in each corner, to simulate the pockets of a fitted sheet. 

It took some trial and error to get them in the right places, butI was pretty pleased with the results.

Update: This solution has proven to be far from perfect, but so much better than just the plain flat sheet, and also better than the fitted twin sheet that's too big for the youth-size mattress.


  1. Good thinking!!! You need to PIN that !!!!

  2. Feel free :-)

    I shoudl add that this is a twin sheet on a youth mattress (actually, a crib mattress + a filler at the foot). I'm not sure how much room there would be for knotting with a sheet that actually fits the bed.

    Oooo, but maybe it would work to downsize any sheet for a smaller bed?

    I think I will also try it for downsizing the fitted sheet when we switch back to it.

    (Which, if I know us, isn't going to happen until she pees on this one.)


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