Friday, November 4, 2011

Play Day

This morning was our MOMS Club board meeting, at T's house, and immediately following that, our activities directory (aka "Calendar Girl), A and her one-year-old daughter came over, and she, T and I worked on the activities calendar for December.

In all, Peeper and I were there from about 10:15 (why, yes, the meeting did "start" at 10 am, why do you ask?) until about 4:30 pm.

For most of the day, Peeper was the oldest kid there, until T's kindergartener (!), K, came home around 2:30. T took Peeper with her to walk down to the corner to meet the school bus, which she got a big kick out of. It was kind of funny though, because T had to call K's attention to the fact that it was Peeper that was with her, and not her little sister! (Who was napping at the time.)

Peeper and the younger kids played just fine "together" but it was more parallel play, as you'd expect from the under-two crowd, but when when K came home, she and Peeper actually played together until it was time for us to leave.

It really struck me, as I was looking at these photos, that between her social skills and her language skills, Peeper has reached a point that her play is more similar to a five-year-old than a not-quite-two-year-old.

Crazy, huh?

Also crazy? This -

K (and C) loves to pretend that she's a dog. Peeper loves dogs. So, of course, when Peeper's around, she's more than happy to take K for a walk.

And what's awesome is this -

At one point, I decided that Peeper needed a potty break, so I went looking for her. When I checked in K's room, there they were. Sitting next to each other on K's bed (which K had helped Peeper climb into), Peeper listening intently, while K read to her.

This photo is a bit of a dramatic reenactment, taken by T after the potty break.

Everything about that is awesome, from the fact that K is full-on reading now, to the fact that she's willing to read to my kid, to the fact that Peeper can just go off and play with another kid that way, to the fact that she happily took her potty break, pee-peed where she's supposed to, and over the course of the day, figured out how to hold herself up on the potty without falling in - even without hands for a little while!

Maybe I shouldn't mention the part where she peed on T's carpet, and the other part where she pooped in her panties.

(Note to self - put more panties and pants in diaper bag!)

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