Tuesday, November 15, 2011


At bedtime last night:
To me - I weddy to go seep in my Big Guh Bed.
To Shrike - Dey not woom fuh you, Widduw Missy.

In preparation for the Candlelight Nutcracker, I tried on a sweater from last winter, and asked Shrike how it looked and fit. She said it was fine, and asked Peeper "How does Mama's sweater look?" She looked, and looked and said, "It's um, um, um . . . it's red!"

In her defense, she went on to make other observations, including "It's Chwissmasy!" She does that observation thing a lot. "Pretty" would have done nicely, though.

A couple of days ago, Shrike was getting ready to shower, and had gotten as far as taking off her shirt, when Peeper said, "You are about half nakey!"

Shrike tells me that last night while she was "Taking Peeper's bath" (She said "I want M___ to take my bath!" as opposed to ". . . help me with my bath.") she got splashed pretty badly, so she took her jeans off.
Peeper: Pwetend you shirt is wet, and take it off.
Shrike: Is that the line you're going to use with the girls when you get older?
Peeper: Yes.

We are considering upgrade to a bigger big girl bed, because sleeping several hours a night in, essentially, a crib, is killing my back and neck.

We're debating between the double bed that we already own (which is currently in Shrike's parents' basement, because the box springs are about a centimeter too big to go down our basement stairs) but will take up more space and require buying new sheets and comforter, or a twin bed with can use the same bedding and will have only a bit larger "footprint" than the current bed, with almost a foot more mattress width, but we don't actually have one.

At any rate, we mentioned the possibility it to Peeper and she fuh-reaked out.

"No, I not wanna nuvver big guh bed! I wan' dis big guh bed!"

I said, "Don't worry, we can use the same sheets." (Or, possibly, identical sheets in a larger size, but don't tell her that.) At any rate, my point was that she would still have her cool zebra sheets.

Or so I thought.

"No! I not wan' da same sheets. I wan' da zebwa sheets!"

Peeper and I were at the grocery store and, as usual, we called Shrike to see if there was anything else that she needed. When we got off the phone, she told Mommy "Bye-bye" and "I wuv you," and then as soon as I'd hung up, so told me, "I weawwy wuv Mommy!"

A few moment later, as we were passing through the produce department, she reached out and exclaimed, "OH! I wuv kiwis!"

At Target, she was holding and looking at a shiny tinsely Christmas tree, and I told her that it was time to tell it bye-but.

"Buh-bye, Chwissmas twee. Buh-bye. Mmmmwa! I wuv you Chwissmas tree. Mewwy Chwissmas, Chwissmas twee!"

And then, as we continued down the aisle: "Mewwy Chwissmas, weefs . . . Mewwy Chwissmas, Chwissmas pwates . . . Mewwy Chwissmas, Sanna Cwaus . . . Mewwy Chwissmas, bewws . . . ."

After "helping" me potty, she said, "You have a big vulva. It have hair on it. I got a widduw vulva. It not got any hair." (Pulls her panties down in front.) "See? See?"

Lately, she's started talking to my breasts. When I'm getting ready to nurse her, she'll say "Goody? Goody? Wheah ah you, goody?"

The other day, we were in the car, and she said that, and then "Wheah could Mama's goodies be? Hmmm, wet's see . . . . In hew bwa? Dat's wheah dey ah!"

There are so, so, so many more hilarious things that she's said lately, but of course, I can't think of them when I sit down at the computer. I really need to get better about making notes as we go through our day.


  1. Perhaps you could explain it to her, that while the current bed is a big girl bed, it isn't big enough to be a big girl and Mama bed, so it makes Mama all sore. Peeper can sleep in it, but it would be by herself, because Mama can't sleep in it without feeling all boobooey.

    Or she could upgrade to a bigger big girl bed that would fit both Peeper and Mama in it, then she could have a choice of sleeping by herself or Mama can sleep with her in it, whichever she wants.

    Is she old enough to make a choice like that or would it just be overwhelming?

    Or possibly, put a second bed in there, with them pushed together. That way you are adding something, rather than taking something away.


  2. In other news, Lucy and Ethel don't have a two year old anymore. It's time for a new header!


  3. For what it is worth- We moved our gal from the crib to a queen (she got the guest bed because we didnt feel a need to buy a new bed when we don't have all that many guests). Anyway, I regret the footprint. She doesn't have a huge room and now I wish she had more space to play on the floor.


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