Saturday, November 26, 2011

Oh, Mama!

(My words, not hers.)

Peeper and I are both thoroughly enjoying the holidays at Starbucks. First it was the skinny peppermint mocha decaf lattes, and this week they introduced (wait for it . . . ) peppermint brownie cake pops.

Dear Santa: I'm thinking I may need new pants for Christmas.


  1. oh. man!
    dear peeper,
    santa likes when you share... so, may i have a taste? ;-)

  2. I like all your wreaths! I'll have to stop in at Starbucks next time I'm at my local Chapters; they're in the same store, so you smell coffee while you're browsing for books. Anyway, seeing as how I live in Canada, I bet they don't have those brownie pops. Most of the good stuff that you guys can get in the States, we don't have here. Our food up here is way too healthy.


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