Friday, November 11, 2011

Monkeyin' Around

Peeper and I met up with some of our MOMS Club buddies at Monkey Joe's (an inflatable fun place) this morning.

This is the only good photo I got of her on the actual inflatables:

I'd hoped to get some cute one of her playing with T's daughters, but K spent all her time on the big girl toys, and all the ones of her and C came out pretty much just like this one.

The last thing she did before we left was to take ride with this creepy monkey.

After several backs-and-forth of "We need to go soon," and "I no wanna go!" I finally told her that I was going to count to ten, and then it would be time to go.

As I reached nine, she gave Monkey a big hug, and started whispering, "Bye-bye, Monkey. Bye-bye. I wuv you, Monkey, bye-bye," and when I said "ten" (after pausing at nine long enough for her bye-byes) she hopped right down and followed me over to get our things.

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  1. That is one weird looking monkey. But obviously, Peeper didn't care so all is well. I assume this was a ride you throw some money into so it jiggles around for a few minutes? My mom would let me sit on those when I was a kid, but she'd never put any money in. I had to wait till Grandpa took me to his mall. He'd always fork over!


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