Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Parade

This evening was our local Holiday Parade. (Yes, we do realize that it's not even Thanksgiving yet. No one seems to care.)

Shrike was working, but Peeper and I went, and met up with a MOMS Club friend, her one year old daughter and her husband.

We had a pretty good walk from where we parked, and I was carrying a few things, so I wore Peeper on my back to and from the parade site. It's entirely possible that this could be the last time I wear her, because it's gotten pretty few and far between (The previous time was on our way down to - but not on our way back from - Texas, in late September.) and she's getting pretty heavy for me.

We ended up "sneaking" (right behind the cops and along with several other people, mostly kids) past the rope, and sitting at the edge of the big fountain the middle of the square. That meant that the parade was coming straight at us, then veering off and around the fountain. Ironically, it wasn't the greatest view, since we mostly saw headlights, but it was a kind of cool perspective, and a great view for Santa's lighting of the big Christmas tree on the square.

And, of course, Peeper thoroughly enjoyed herself.

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