Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Candlelight Nutcracker

It does seem a bit early for it, but this evening, Peeper and I went to A Candlelight Nutcracker - or perhaps, the Nutcracker Tea, I have seen both titles for it - staged by the local ballet school.

This is the same event that we took her to last year (the first week of December - which makes a lot more sense) - a performance of a few numbers from the ballet, some light refreshments, and photos with the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Peeper really seemed to enjoy it and, once again, I was very proud of her ability to sit in my lap and watch quietly for more than an hour.

I didn't take any photos of the actual performance (I assumed that flash photography wasn't cool) but I got a few of Peeper.

She very much enjoyed the cookie with chocolate icing. Luckily, she finished it with a little time to spare before the beginning of the performance, so I took her to the bathroom for a hand and face washing, and one more attempt to potty. It was almost time for the show to start, so the angels and the Sugar Plum Fairy were lined up in the hallway, and we had to squeeze past them. I was holding onto her little chocolate hands, saying "Don't touch the ballerinas! Don't touch the ballerinas!" I was afraid we were going to have a chocolate-covered Sugar Plum!

She also very much enjoyed watching the ballerinas. She mostly just stared, with "TV Face" but she clapped quite enthusiastically, with big smiles, when appropriate.

They will mail the real Sugar Plum Fairy photos, but here's a crappy one that I took.

On our way home, I explained that this was just a sample, and that here's a whole long ballet of The Nutcracker, and when she's bigger - maybe next year - we'll take her to see the whole ballet.

She said, incredulously, "I can go see da whoooowe bahw-ay?"

I was tempted to see about tickets for this year.

Them, when we got home, she told me, "Dat was a pwetty cool bahw-ay."

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