Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trick or Treat Part 1

This evening, the three of us went trick-or-treating at the mall, but we didn't last long. In the past, I've gotten there a little late, when the actually candy-gathering was just about over, and the candy about gone. This time, we got there before it started and wow, just wow. Craziness.

First, instead of having people start out any-old-where, or even in several designated starting points, and make the circuit, they made everyone line up at the same place, when was way at one end of the mall, and all start from there.

If the line of people waiting to begin had gone past several stores that were going to be passing out candy, at least everyone would have started getting stuff right off the bat.

If they'd had people spread all over the mall to start, we all could have moved, rather than having this huge traffic jam on one end, while the rest of the mall was empty,

When things got started, we weren't far from a participating store, then the next place was Subway, handing out cookies. Not bad. But then, we were routed down a small hallway leading to the outside entrance, and back up the same hallway - with no candy in the hallway at all.

Also, it was hot and Peeper wanted to be held, and kept saying "I was candy!" and we were, by far, the classiest folks there.

The next candy spot was the "anchor store" at the end of the big hall, but before we got to it, we noticed that just past it, the line was being sent down the other small hallway on the opposite side before it got back to any more candy.

At that point, we said "Fuck this," got out of line, walked to the candy store, and told Peeper we'd buy her a bag of whatever she wanted.
(She chose the pumpkins that come with "Autumn mix" candy corns, etc. We also got her a white (orange) chocolate jack o'lantern.)
Then we drove to Brusters /  Nathan's, and picked up corndog nuggets and fries. I think Shrike and I both would have rather gone out to eat, except, well . . . .

Meet Glinda, the Good Witch

And, of course, you already know the Wicky Witch.

I was also the Wicky Witch, but didn't get any photos of myself.

Don't worry, there will be at least three more opportunities. In the meantime, here's a little something from the other night.

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