Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pumpkin Picking

Today was the MOMS Club's annual trip to the pumpkin patch, and since Shrike is still on vacation (she goes back to work Tuesday), we were able to make it a family affair!

First we took a hayride . . .

. . . and picked out our pumpkins . . .

. . . and gourds.

Our whole haul.

Then back onto the hayride, for a little goody.

Next we went to the playground. Peeper rode a tricycle (sort), fed some goats, played in the sandbox and went down a big slide with Mama. This is the only good photo I got of all that stuff.

Then we bought some snacks and hit all the photo-ops.

Then it was time to tell the pumpkins bye-bye. Literally.

On our way home from the farm, we went out for lunch, at this cool little place that has some deer (including this white one!) in a pen, that you can feed.

Of course, they also have ice cream. This is a chocolate / vanilla twist cone, with cotton candy crunch sprinkles. And eyeballs.

Ice cream can be very serious business.

"I gonna eat da cone!"

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