Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peeper's Birthday Photos

This one is really cute, but Shrike and I know that it's a big fake smile, so we prefer the real-smile ones.

Another cute-but-fake smile.

This pose was our idea.

This one was hers.

As was this.

She was more interested in playing on the wagon than posing on it. K started out shooting from the other side of it, but Peeper kept looking out this direction, and then she told K to "Come over here." After all that, the least she could have done was smile.

I generally prefer color, but this one does seem right in black and white.

Rock star!

This is probably my favorite.

Our little Wicky Witch!

Tryin' to score some candy!


  1. Real smiles are best, but I do love that first one. It's one of the best put on smiles I've seen. :)

    They are all fabulous, but that peeking through the fence on is priceless!


  2. I really like the two fence-rail pictures and the peeking-out-from-behind-the-tree one. But they're all so cute, how do you choose?


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