Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gym Class (Finally)

Peeper's less-expensive-than-the-other-place gym class started three weeks ago, but today was the first session that we've actually attended.

(Sick, Texas, Sick.)

Today was pretty iffy, too, actually, but seriously, we paid for this damn class, we're going, by golly.

Peeper had a short night last night (thanks to a big nap on the drive home from the beach) and was sort of grumpy this morning, but we promised her that if she didn't have fun, we wouldn't have to go back.

We might regret that.

She did have fun, intermittently.

When the teacher engaged her directly, or once I got her doing something (jumping on the small trampoline, kicking a beach ball across the gym, finding cards with letters on them in putting them in the matching pocket on the wall) she was fine, but then she'd ask to get "uppy" and have goody.

If we can just get a good night's sleep in her beforehand, I think she really will like it; I just hope we get a chance to find out.

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