Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gym Again

Today was the last gym class of the session, and Peeper had gotten a good night's sleep this time, so she was a lot more into it that the past couple of weeks.

She finally ran under the parachute all by herself, and even tried to run with it wasn't her turn. Then she got to be the "engine" of the "train" to take it back to the store room.

She was all about the scooter today, and scooted allll the way over to the farthest-away beanbag, picked it up and took it back to the teacher.

She's waving her hands here, because she's happy and she knows it.

After class, I talked to the instructors, and she said that, although the class is, technically, for kids "eighteen months to under three" that there would be no problem with her taking it again next session, so I went ahead and got her all signed up and paid for.

They do have a class specifically for three year olds, but it's not a "Mommy and Me" so we're going to wait a bit on it, and maybe take it in the Spring.

I think she will enjoy it, when the time comes - it's called "Sporties for Shorties" and introduces the basics of soccer, basketball and tee ball.

But not quite yet.

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  1. So cute, and um, nice plumber's butt too!


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